India Habitat Centre

The India Habitat Centre was started in 1993, and this project was considered revolutionary during that time in India. The National Government, specifically the public agency for Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd, wanted an office building for its workers and decided to invite chosen no profit Organisations to be members of the Centre. In a traditional country like India it was a big deal for the Government to invite and include other non-profit organizations (e.g. NGOs) in the program and start to work together. The chairman of HUDCO and the architect Joseph Allen Stein were the two people involved in the actual planning and they decided to radically change the traditional image of an office building as an architectural project, and transformed it into an urban design project.

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The India Habitat Centre is considered the India’s most comprehensive convention centre a club with 57 rooms, a health spa, eight restaurants and several performance venues with state of the art A.V. Equipment, computer controlled conference and simultaneous interpretation system in Auditorium, well equipped secretariat and documentation centre, cultural and entertainment events daily for delegates, covered parking for 1000 cars.

Spread over nine acres amidst beautifully landscaped environs at the Capital’s finest location, India Habitat Centre was designed and conceived as an ideal physical environment in complete harmony with the habitat. Besides housing offices of 37 institutions committed to habitat and environmental research, the complex also houses unrivalled hospitality facilities. Known as Habitat World, these are operated by Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. – India’s first hospitality company to receive an ISO 9002 for one of its properties.

The Convention Centre can host 20 functions simultaneously with most Halls equipped with state-of-the-art equipment; 7 beautifully landscaped outdoor facilities, a 480 seat Auditorium and a business centre fitted with all modern business aids complete the offering. The venue is ideal for conferences, seminars, banquets, exhibitions, board meetings, press interactions, corporate presentations, workshops, parties, film screenings, presentations, theatre and cultural performances of all kinds.

Habitat World provides the finest convention facilities (like conference halls, an auditorium, guest rooms and business centres) in the country that are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Follow these links to find out more…


Habitat World, serves over 4000 meals everyday, making it India’s largest foodservice facility.

Habitat World has a variety of highly casual and fine-dining restaurants with elaborate menu options prepared by some of the top chefs from within and outside the country.



The Documentation Centre at Habitat has 6 cabins as well as 6 workstations that can be hired for variable periods of time.

Fitted with all modern business aids, the Documentation Centre provides an ideal setting for a Secretariat for large international conferences.



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